Miss Russell Family Life Coach Contact Miss Russell NOW for your family’s customized solutions! Home  |  Successes  |  Services  |  About  |  Contact Miss Russell can help your family develop innovative strategies to begin filling in those potholes. She can guide you and your child to communicate more effectively, set up routines and maintain consistency, resulting in a happier family. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Miss Russell will help your child interact effectively with people and become a more independent, self-directed problem solver. She has a keen ability to make children feel heard and valued, 25 years of educational experience, a cheerful demeanor and a passion for play. Miss Russell can help enhance your family’s journey! Jennifer Russell and CT, Los Osos CA 2011 Jennifer Russell LOVES dogs! Jennifer driving a Belgium Draft horse @ Hanson Dam Rec Center 2011 Los Osos, CA 2011 Are there times when the road of life your family travels seems scattered with “potholes” that interfere with the enjoyment of your journey? Art and web design by Tiner.net Your family can experience more: 310-399-4849